Why Google Ads customer match is a gamechanger?

Modern privacy laws are cracking the whip on online customer tracking, which is great for us because it protects us from sneaky data collection, but a problem for small businesses in Australia trying to find customers. Whether we like it or not, the digital world is changing, and so is pay-per-click advertising.

Google Ads has introduced a game-changing element to the whole business of online marketing. It’s called customer match, and soon, all policy-compliant businesses can leverage it! Ready to bring customer match marketing to your Google Ads campaigns? Then, keep reading to learn how…

Article overview

  1. What is Google Ads customer matching?
  2. What is customer match marketing?
  3. How does customer match work? 
  4. How to get started with Google Customer Match?
  5. Benefits of Google’s Customer Match
  6. FAQs

What is Google Ads customer matching?

Customer Match is Google’s way of using online and offline customer engagement to reach and re-engage with them. This is completely above board because it only uses information that your customers have shared with you. As a Google Ads advertiser, Customer Match will target ads to customers and other customers like them. It’s a new form of audience reporting that helps you keep track of how well your Ads are doing and cut anything that isn’t converting. Customer Match for Google Ads is an audience targeting tool for Google Search Network and Google Display Network ads. 

To use it, you upload an email list to Google AdWords. Then, Google looks at that list to see which email addresses are associated with Google products like Google search, YouTube, and Gmail. You can use this information to create custom audiences and create ad campaigns specifically for those audiences. Now, how can customer matching be used for marketing, you ask?

What is customer match marketing?

Customer match marketing is the best way to use Google Ads because it’s optimised. Optimised PPC campaigns are usually the best at converting leads. Digital marketing techniques like this focus on targeting the right ad audiences based on objective evidence. Customer match is just as effective on social media ad networks like Facebook. 

How does customer match work? 

Google uses data from its registered accounts as the fuel that runs the customer match machine. It will then connect the advertiser supplied data to the correct Google account. It’s always been around, but now it will be widely available to more advertisers on its platform. It will help advertisers market to users who have interacted with your business because of Google accounts, whether offline or online. The Google account safely stores mind-blowing data about potential customers like contact details and browsing activity. This info allows Google to provide users with a more refined search and advertising experience, and that’s where you come in. Google can then connect advertiser data to Google accounts, and that results in a customer match. 

In the most basic example, if Google account holder data matches your data as an advertiser, Google will match your ads with this account holder when they use Google platforms. If you supply a customer’s email address (and it’s a Gmail account), for example, it’s straightforward for Google to find that customer and deliver your ads to them. 

How to get started with Google Customer Match?

There are a few requirements you have to meet to qualify for the Google Ads customer match. These are the goalposts defined by Google:

  • Google Ads history of 90 days minimum 
  • Good Google Ads’ policy compliance history
  • Good Google Ads’ payment history
  • More than $50,000 total lifetime Google Ads’ spend

You can quickly check whether you meet Google’s Customer Match requirements by seeing if you have an assigned Google Ads account manager. Not having one is a deadset sign that you, unfortunately, do not qualify for a custom match with Google. 

We’re sure you have some more questions about Google Ads and Customer Match; keep reading, and we’ll try to answer them below. 

Benefits of Google’s Customer Match

  • Right messages will get to the right audiences

Customer match goes one step beyond sending ads and company messages to emails; it targets audiences with relevant ads. That means you won’t land in the dreaded spam folder or worse! Instead, your ads and targeted messaging will reach each individual on your mailing list. 

  • Reach people on multiple platforms

Customer match is a fantastic machine because it works on all kinds of media and advertising campaigns. You can show up on Google search and YouTube, and all you need is an email address. Even though the entire audience targeting algorithm is based on emails, it’s not exclusive to Google’s email platform. 

FAQs about Google Ads’ Customer Match 

  • Is Google Ads customer match safe to use?

Yes, of course. Google Customer Match carries an ISO 27001 certification, an internationally recognised clearance for IT systems. You also have a responsibility as a supplier of data, and you have to follow these requirements:

  • Your privacy policy discloses that you share customer data with third parties
  • Your customer data collection complies with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Your customer shared their information with you versus a third party
  • Your uploaded data does not include information from users 13 years or under
  • Where can I use customer match?

Customer match works on all the following ad types:

  • Search
  • Shopping
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Display
  • What does Google do with my customer data?

When it comes to Customer Match and customer data, Google follows strict guidelines, which include:

  • Using customer data for building Customer Match audiences only
  • Preventing customer data access by other Google teams
  • Withholding customer data from third parties
  • Deleting customer data files after use
  • Storing customer data via secure and reliable means

Are you interested in Google’s customer match for your Google Ad’s campaigns? Get in touch with us, and we can get you on the right track. We’ve got more than ten years of experience in helping local service-based businesses find success, and we can help you too. We can work on everything from a custom website design to modern SEO techniques.


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