Our SEO design and strategy team is plugged into the Canberra markey and it knows what works with your new potential customers. The point of establishing or improving your website with search engine optimization is to put you in a better position to connect, engage and strengthen Relationships with current and prospective customers. Floodgate Digital’s team of experienced digital masterminds can help you achieve this by optimising and leveraging your visibility. Why choose Floodgate Digital’s Canberra market specialists:

Guaranteed results or your money back

We’re so confident in the quality of our that we know you won’t want your money back! Our strategy is backed by almost a decade of service-based business experience and digital growth expertise. We have proven results-driven SEO strategies that will work for your small business in Canberra. The results you can expect to see will be evidence of what we akready know. Your website will have improved conversion rates, return on investment and overall engagement. Traffic and leads will flow right to you like a flood and all you have to do is brace yourself! We’re welcome to share stories of past clients that have been overwhelmed by the new business that came to them as a result of our digital strategies. We don’t just build the SEO strategy to get you winning, we’ll also help you with the long-term management and business goals you have aligned to it. 

Get to the top of Google

How much of your business can you currently attribute to online customers? Are you satisfied with your online presence? We will give you the tools to get a steady flow of traffic through to you. Our motto and solid guarantee is this:

Our main focus points for your SEO Canberra strategy:

Local dominance

We want to place you at the top of local searches. As soon as potential customers type in “near me”, we aim to get you ranking high on these results pages

Content driven SEO solutions

Web optimization includes creating original content that your Canberra customers would love to read. 

Tracking and reporting SEO impact 

We’ll establish, monitor and act on the specific goals you’d like to set for the growth of your company. Our specialists have systems that can track and audit online interaction. 

These are a few tips we can give you on the house to start:

If you think that’s all it takes, you’re sadly mistaken. There are many more tools we can offer you that will drive more traffic towards your business. We’ll also make sure it’s the RIGHT kind of traffic for your future growth. You can finally find the right SEO Canberra growth strategy with an award-winning marketing specialist today. 

We have a page dedicated to our own blogs that will explain everything about SEO, the work behind it and how it can work for you! Floodgate Digital tells you WHY you need SEO, how much SEO services usually cost and many other digital growth articles here.


Floodgate Digital is a business that helps your business find more business with a unique online strategy. We’re an Australian owned digital growth agency that can give you the keys to open the gates to a flow of high-quality leads, improved sales and turnover and a stronger, larger customer base. This company is an extension of the work we’ve been doing in Australia for years: connecting reliable, qualified tradesmen with the people looking for them to help. Now that you’re this far on the page, we have great news for you! Our founder, who has been listed twice on the ‘Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs’ by Business News Australia, is giving out a limited number of FREE 30-minute growth strategy sessions. It’s a limited time offer and a brilliant deal because the standard rates for specialized one-on-one sessions like this goes for $1500. If you have a business and you are serious about scaling up, click HERE now. 

These are a few tips
we can give you on the house to start:


Wash away your competition

Do you ever wonder why you see you competion everywhere you look? They seem to be crushing you online. Give us you’re competitions website and we will reverse engineer their whole digital marketing strategy and give you a detailed explanation on exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it for FREE.


WARNING: Jacob normally charges $1500 an hour for 1 on 1 digital marketing session. This is a limited one time offer with only 20 spots available. Get in quick, or miss out!

PS: Please only apply if you are an established business or looking to scale or grow.


Open the Floodgates and bring in a wave of new customers!

Get Online, Stand Out On Google, Look Professional, Convert More Leads & Generate More Revenue!


Here's what happens next:-

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