What is the Difference Between Landing Page and Home Page?

QUICK SUMMARY  In a world where virtually every company has a website, making a good first impression is crucial when your target audience clicks on your site through the search engines.

Did you know, you just have about 7 seconds to make a great first impression on your website before the average user decides whether to stay or bounce elsewhere? Hence, in 7 seconds your user judges the content, graphics and visuals on your first page and chooses if they want to engage anymore or not. This shows how important the load speed and website design is.

So, it’s very important to ensure that the first interaction your target audience has with your website is positive so they don’t bounce to another website.

So, what is a landing page?

A landing page is the first page the visitor or user sees on the website when they come through the search engines. Landing pages can usually offer products such as an eBook, free trial, contest entry or webinar registration in exchange for the submission of contact details. This is the next step towards a user being a customer.

A successful landing page should do its job by convincing a potential customer that it is worth giving personal information in return for whatever you have to give.

Difference between home page and landing page

Let’s clear the confusion, the home page is the main page of the website. Home pages provide a lot of information and help visitors to navigate to a number of other pages.

Some people may wonder why they should bother with landing pages when the primary aim is to bring visitors to their homepage?

The response is that while getting traffic on your home page is definitely a positive thing, it’s less likely to result in a conversion than a landing page. Also, if a user opens your homepage with one particular objective in mind, they may be turned off if they have to browse a variety of different services and product choices first to get to what they want.

Landing pages skip the intermediary stage by being the page that the user wants-and by stating as much in no uncertain terms.

Your homepage is generic, where the landing page is targeted and specific.

While the homepage helps to attract traffic to your website by showcasing all the solutions that your business has to offer, the landing page provides a quick and direct call to action.

Thus, it is very important to have a lead-generating, conversion based landing page that will make the visitor take the steps that you want for example, make a call, book an appointment, visit your social media pages etc.


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