How to make a good website?

Many have tried to resist the digital revolution for as long as they can, but it’s proving quite difficult to ignore. The world wide web is growing in the number of people who use it and in how its technology is developing to help people more instantaneously. It’s resourcefulness as a money-making platform, for many people in different ways, means it can’t continue to be ignored by Australian businesses. Only 69% of businesses reported using more than one ICT (information communication technology) and only 12% of them reported using internet technology in the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ latest study. These are detrimental numbers especially in the current times when people rely on digital platforms for information, services, and products more heavily than ever before. A good website isn’t just a necessity to adapt to how consumers are searching for service providers currently, it’s also a way to promote more business for your company than with any other traditional form of marketing. This is a Floodgate Digital blog that starts with three good reasons that explain why you need a website for your business:

Stronger means of communication with customers

If you’re on a tight budget, then a website is the perfect, cost-effective tool to open a direct line of communication between you and the customer. Online communication channels are practically free, but they offer you a priceless advantage above your competitors – a way to talk to your customer base instantly. A good website should include various contact information but also offer online enquiry options for customers to instantly ask you questions that could lead to a sale. Consumers approach a businesses website with a more discerning eye, and they like to get all their ducks in a row before walking in and handing over their cash. Current service providers are using “help chat bots” that pop-up for your questions on their website homepage. They’re all doing it because it’s so effective at quickly squashing any concerns and enticing customers with the exact information they need at that moment.

Access to increased and higher quality business opportunities

Many small businesses across Australia think that a company of their size doesn’t really need a website and can maintain operation through traditional channels like word of mouth or otherwise. Thinking this way is a huge disservice to your growth potential because websites can be an effective conversion tool. They may be reluctant to spend money on them, but the reality is that businesses that invest in websites with the right features will notice more customers than ever before. Search engine sites like Google have access to millions of people across Australia. This technology opens your target market by 100% and exposes you to customers you may not have found, using any other method.

Digitally showcase all your services for increased promotion

Every person that ends up on your website, is probably most interested in a clear explanation of what you have to offer and at what price. A website is the perfect platform for self-promotion and the more you do it, the easier it’ll be to attract new customers. You should use your website as a digital platter that puts all your services on show for the customers that search engines target for you. Display the expertise that make you look more knowledgeable than your competitors. Not only can you promote your service offering, but you should also use your website to boast about your portfolio of happy customers. Show off positive customer reviews, testimonials and high-star ratings to emphasise how credible you are as a service provider. If you’re business has appeared in the local papers or had a short stint on a podcast because you’re considered experts in the industry, make sure to include that on your website. It gives your business a touch of flair and the security customers are looking for online.

Common misconceptions holding businesses back

When we take a closer look at some of the documented reasons for why local businesses do not have websites, it easy to debunk the theories. Here are three common misconceptions and explanations as to why they shouldn’t hold you back from setting up that long-awaited website:

  • A lack of internal employees skilled in website design

Like the service you provide to local Australians, web design is a specialized skill that requires training. Not just anyone can handle website upkeep and we get it, employing someone who will, can be difficult. Outsourcing this kind of service is more than acceptable in current times and might be an easier task than establishing something in-house. Many specialists and agencies are available to help with what you need at rates that are affordable for you. Our personal tip is to avoid the cheap, international web developers because they’re not likely to deliver the results you require. Plus, they don’t have the added advantage (that we do) of knowing everything about local consumer trends and leading online developments in Australia.

  • Pessimism about cost vs benefit

Whether it’s based on bad past experiences or it’s just a general disdain to how technology is taking over our lives, many small businesses in Australia don’t see the value in a website. We’re here to tell you that working with technology is more beneficial than working against it. Floodgate Digital’s success rate is very impressive and is testament to how a good website can in fact result in increased profits for you. All you need is our industry-tested, winning formula and we’ll make you a believer. Click here to find out more. 

  • A lack of willingness to regularly maintain or upgrade 

One of the main deterrents business owners have expressed against a website, is that it’s time consuming and requires a lot of maintenance. This is true but it doesn’t have to be a task that you choose to handle yourself. Outsource the professional services of digital marketing experts, like ours, to handle the maintenance for you. We can do it at affordable rates and even include vital tracking analysis figures, so that you know how well your website is doing with online users.


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