How to build audience-catchin lead magnets

A big chunk of modern business and potential customers who need them are all buzzing online on all the different digital platforms and channels. There is heaps of content and marketing material created every day, making the competition tight. So, what’s the best way to generate interest and attract leads? Keep on reading, and we’ll let you in on the secret. 

What are lead magnets and

how to use ‘em

A lead magnet is meant to work as an irresistible item or service that you can offer free of charge to attract high-quality traffic to your website or to direct some of that traffic to your email and remarketing lists. Lead magnets can be trial samples, white papers, e-newsletters, free consultations, webinars, checklists, quizzes, or other helpful content. This content is created and used as a selling point to give potential customers a benefit for doing business with you right from that first interaction. When a customer signs up for a trial or provides a name and other details for a possible free consultation, they agree to exchange their information for a lead magnet. It is essential to know that you can’t just throw whatever together and expect a lead magnet that works. They will fail to drive traffic and leads without engaging copy to draw in your preferred audience and inspire them to convert. We’ll explore more tips to help you create lead magnets that will work at making your business win over audiences.

6 steps to building lead magnets that work

  • Focus on that content quality

It might be tempting to patch together some of your ideas in a short eBook and call it a day, isn’t it? Well, we prefer to stay away from the easy way of doing this because potential customers will lose interest just as quickly. It will help if you put in the time to focus on creating top-notch content and doing it right. Dedicate time for research and planning that lines up with your business and the goals for growth you have. You don’t have to be an award-winning author, but it will help to enlist the skills of a digital marketing team that can do it a little better than you. They’ll spend the time to tailor-make content that gives your audience value. They can even go the extra mile and apply SEO strategy techniques to pump up that value. Potential customers will appreciate you taking the time to create valuable content rather than short versions lacking in substance. 

  • Paint a good picture 

We mean metaphorically – not literally! Effective lead magnets have to be visually appealing. The reason why you’re creating a lead magnet in the first place is to attract your audience’s attention. The most beautiful things are precisely that, attractive! Your lead magnet should be visually appealing and designed beautifully so that your audience is keen to engage. It’s also an unspoken sign that you invested something into producing this, which gives the impression that your brand is credible. There are plenty of tools out there, like Canva, for you to use, and they have good looking templates available to you for free. There really is no excuse not to make something that looks great.

  • Consider multiple mediums

You’re already trying to reach a broad audience, and they are waiting across various platforms for you to find them. It would help spread out your lead magnets on different digital channels for the best result. Take the example of mixing social media and email marketing, or maybe a video might work best for you. Social media is a great platform to find younger audiences, and we’ve got some tips about how you can reach them if that’s your target audience. Your intent might be more simplistic than that. Maybe you’re after more clicks because more clicks can turn into more sales, then an infographic might be your answer.

  • Start embracing those mailing lists

Email marketing can still be one of the most effective marketing avenues available to businesses if you’re doing it right. The most common platforms for creating lead magnets still goes to those email lists because they work. Having a mailing list that people can subscribe to is excellent for gaining new subscribers and potentially turning those subscribers into loyal customers. You can then start contacting via email, which can also be used to create an effective CRM system. There are government business rules to follow regarding emails, though. Make sure that your customers have the choice to unsubscribe or opt out. If you don’t follow the rules, you’ll be in breach of the Spam Act 2003 and possibly get reported to the Australian Communications and Media Authority. 

  • Produce Gripping Offers

Even though the lead magnets are a free incentive, potential customers will still be asking themselves, “what will I get for my money?” when engaging with your content. Luckily for you, there is an easy way to answer that question for them. Use your lead magnets to give details about your service offerings such as price, benefits and appeal. And what’s more important is to provide them with educational information about what your offering will add to their lives. Guidelines, case studies and white papers are a great way of doing just that. It would help include links to educational pieces for the customer to find you again quickly. 

  • Keep it simple 

Simplicity never goes out of style, and it can go a long way. Sometimes businesses try to get too clever with things, and the next thing you know, you’ve overdone it. This could turn things for the worse, and you’ll send your potential customers packing. The key is to communicate what you have to offer and not sugarcoat things. Simple lead magnets always work the best. 

You might feel like you only just getting started with your digital marketing campaigns, and now you have to turn your sights to new trends to keep up with your competitors. Don’t worry about building something extraordinary at first. Instead, focus on figuring out a  common problem that needs solving and how it can help potential customers. Buckle up, 2022 will be a brand new landscape for digital marketing, and profound industry changes are taking place. Book a free strategy session with us while you can, and we’ll help you navigate through it all.


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