How to Reach Millennials on Social Media

QUICK SUMMARY  With millennials using social media as their one-stop-shops, most businesses have not started seeing it as more than a means of communication.

Brands have begun reinventing their social media strategy in response to the unprecedented growth in social media users and evolving purchasing habits. Social media has evolved into a specialised marketing and sales channel as a result of improvements made by social network platforms.

Millennials are an especially significant demographic since their age corresponds with peak usage of numerous social media platforms by age, notably two of the most prominent social networks: Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, they are expected to be the most important target group for ‘generational marketing’ in the future.

So even if millennials aren’t your target audience today, 5-10 years they might be. Moreover, the millennial generation is very difficult to understand. They are loyal and fickle at the same time when it comes to brands and businesses they like. So, you need to know how to reach millennials on social media and influence their buying behavior.

1. Give em a purpose

Do you have a clothing brand that uses recycled cotton? Or do you give back to your community? Tell them your story.

Millennials value brands that stand for something other than their own bottom line. In fact, close to 40% of millennials are ready to spend a little extra for a product or service that supports a cause they care about. Furthermore, people value brands that improve their lives. Their ideals directly influence their buying decisions.

2. Interaction is the key

If your idea of social media marketing is putting stock pictures with lengthy captions, you can forget about using social media. That is not going to get you anywhere. 80% of millennials want brands to entertain them. And entertainment doesnt mean creating videos or funny content.

You can show the behind-the-scenes of your business or maybe a picture of you and your employees in a meeting or getting a drink. They want real, original and organic content backed by solid SEO strategies.
Remember to engage them by liking their comments, replying to their messages and commenting on their feedback. This makes them feel “heard”.

3. Keep up with the trends

Memes are one of the most underrated tools in marketing. Take advantage of the already popular hashtags and viral content going around. This would mean instant publicity and brand recognition. Using one in the appropriate context and at the right time may bring humour to your tone of voice and allow you to deliver a humorous message, which can have a good result both B2B and B2C companies.

Memes are a form of communication for millennials. This implies that if you want to reach this generation, you should communicate in the same way – as long as you stay on-brand. Some major corporations have already begun to use “meme marketing” to encourage participation through interaction.


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