How to improve SEO?

SEO techniques and trends are changing everyday because the technology is constantly getting smarter. Google and other search engines have artificial intelligence that learns very quickly, and it keeps changing the formula for high-ranking websites on its results page. Just like the waters at Surfer’s Paradise, search engine requirements keep coming in waves and tides, and we have to do our best to ride the wave. The SEO techniques that are already used by Australian businesses and digital brand specialists must be constantly adapted to keep up with the developing algorithms. Businesses that want to stay afloat and not and end up on the wrong side of search engine algorithms need to be open to change. According to the Search Engine Journal, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine and that’s why it’s so important that you invest time, and sometimes money, in improving your SEO as the trends change. The investment won’t be wasted because there are many reasons why SEO can help your business grow. Now, let’s get through the latest strategies to improve your SEO.

What is SEO?

If you don’t immediately know the answer to this question, that’s okay! Floodgate Digital data has found that most service-based businesses in Australia haven’t been investing in an online digital footprint. Now that you are here, the simple explanation of SEO, to get you started, is this:

SEO is short for search engine optimization and it’s a set of techniques which will boost your websites ranking on search engine results pages. SEO is a focus on keywords and these words are typically what Australians are looking for when their searching for something online. You want to use SEO because it gets your page ranking higher, and a higher-ranking page generates more leads! There’s much more information about SEO available for you to investigate if you need it.

Five ways to improve your SEO

  • Do a thorough audit of your existing SEO strategies on your website

You can start by doing a general search of the keywords you’ve chosen and see if it’s been effective on local search engine results pages. Use a phone or device unlinked to your own and type in the keywords you’re currently using in your SEO strategy. Have a look at the results and see where you’re ranking. Is your website showing up sooner on results pages than it did before? If not, you need to take the next few steps to get the results you’re actually looking for. Another good way to track how well your website is doing, is to use Google Analytics. Sign up for its services and it will give you detailed statistics about all the visitors to your website. That includes how many they are, where they live, what devices they use and which of them turn into leads for your business.

  • Have high-quality content 

The one thing about SEO that seems to stay the same, is the need for good content on a website. It must be designed and curated for the consumer. That means changing the choice of words to present content that answers the questions that internet users are asking for. You need to do keyword research to write about popular topics. You can also check your competitors’ content and create something better. Floodgate Digital has tech that reverse engineers your competitors web content and it can be highly useful. Book a strategy session with us and you’ll have access to expert content minds. You may be lucky enough to grab one of our limited, free offers. In the meantime, update or create new content on your website that is the following: detailed and lengthy, includes mentions of targeted keywords, includes links to high-priority websites.

  • Prime your website for mobile users

The fact of the matter is, that phones have developed to be powerful enough to work as minicomputers for all of us. A large number of Australians are using their phone to search for services near them and that can be a problem for websites that aren’t compatible with mobile users. Mobile SEO is a new and growing trend that is showing businesses how the times are changing. Potential customers are more interested in using their phones to search the web and that means that the structure of our websites have to change. Mobile display is smaller than a desktop and content needs to be structured differently to make impact. You may need to resize images, font and limit the amount of information displayed.

  • Use high quality backlinks

Just one backlink that search engines recognize as high-quality, is more effective than hundreds of low-quality backlinks. Backlinking is the action of networking with other websites in your industry and agreeing on plans to crosslink each other’s content. If you are already producing unique, interesting, and detailed content, this will be an easy sell for other businesses to collaborate with you. A well-networked website presents itself as a credible page on search engine websites. It’s part of what the algorithm looks for when it’s doing its scan of websites. The more backlinks your website has on it, and the more your website is used for other pages backlinking, the higher it will rank on search engine results pages.

There are many more techniques that we could mention but some of them are more technically advanced and some of them just require you to be trained in writing techniques. Unless you are a web developer or professional writer, you may not have all the skills needed to fully implement a winning SEO strategy, but we do, and we can show you how. Don’t get us wrong, we trust that Australian tradies are fully capable of managing their own websites, but you wouldn’t leave the plumbing up to a carpenter, or vice-versa, would you? SEO is a specialized technique that should be handled by the best of the best to take full advantage of the opportunities that search engines can offer. Millions of Australians are using search engines daily and you should call on a professional to improve your SEO strategy to make sure that you’re not missing out on them.


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