How to use your CRM effectively?

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When we really get down to it, successful sales are all about relationships. Customers trust you with a job, and you exchange services for money which sounds a little bit like a mutual interaction. Good Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a type of relationship marketing, and the idea behind it is to create customer loyalty. It’s only one part of an air-tight digital strategy to attract new leads, but it will help you with the goal of creating engagement and long-term relationships with your current customers.

What is a CRM?

CRM is customer relationship management, and it’s all about using tech to encourage and engage potential customers online. Like SEO strategy, CRM techniques are a way to organically build relationships with customers. As the business owner, CRM systems are there to take the load off you by streamlining regular everyday interactions to increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability. CRM effectively finds you new customers, but it’s actually absolutely stellar at retaining loyal customers. Now don’t get it twisted – individual sales and snagging new customers are vital to growing and sustaining your business, but CRM has the upper hand.

If it’s a quick turnaround you’re after, book a free strategy session with us to discuss your options. For starters, you’ll know that it’s easier to sell to your existing customers because they’re already people who have come to know you and the services you offer. They’re already walking in the door now and then, and maybe they’re even regularly visiting your website. This means that you don’t have to spend extra money marketing to this set of customers because they’re already clued up and quite happy with your company and your products or services. Then there’s the added benefit that comes with their support! Regulars that already love you will promote your business through word of mouth. And Woah! All of a sudden – you’ve got free advertising happening for you in your local area. 

Now that you have a basic idea about what it is and what it’s great for, here’s how to effectively use relationship marketing to connect with your current customers

What is effective CRM system?

1. Use your personal touch

There’s a reason why customers choose you, and it probably has something to do with what makes you unique. Maybe it’s the free coffee while you fix up their stuff, or it’s the fact that you always have lovely banter. Use that personality to give your website and other online platforms a personalised touch. Being open and approachable about who you are will go a long way towards building positive relationships with customers. Customers who value personalised platforms are those that are more engaged, and more engagement can become long-lasting relationships. We have detailed tips about this in our digital marketing guide

2. Consider a brand loyalty program

Don’t we all love rewards? It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Brand loyalty programs can work as a CRM strategy because it’s a fantastic way to keep customers coming back. They’ll keep spending more money if you incentivise it! Maybe it’s a free upgrade here or a discounted maintenance job there; either way, you’re giving them a reason to keep coming back. Rewards programs are a little more structured because they have point systems that customers can add up over time. You can set up an arrangement for a prize or a discounted agreement after they’ve racked up enough points. A loyalty rewards program is a tremendous relationship-marketing strategy that you can consider for your business. Your customers will be motivated to do two essential things for the growth of your business: buy more often and spend more during each transaction

3. Use mobile applications to nourish relationships

You should already be using mobile applications because they can keep your customers engaged and coming back. Applications allow for two-way engagement with your customers, giving you a valuable way to listen to what they’re telling you actively. A report from an Australian small business report says that mobile platforms are the latest in CRM techniques

Read those online reviews and suggestions on online business directory platforms like Google My Business. It’s an excellent way to track what your customers need and what you need to change to keep them happy—kind of like what you would do in a healthy relationship. Even loyal customers can be turned away by bad service, and you need to get cracking at the first sign of a dissatisfied customer. 

4. Prioritise customer service

So far, we’ve mentioned CRM strategies that use the internet as a platform, but you cannot forget good old fashioned real-life conversations. Good customer service needs to be a number one target on your work floor and at any client’s property. We’re going way back to basics here, aren’t we? But that’s exactly what keeps customers coming back. Nothing beats friendly, open, and responsive interactions for loyal customer management. Customers who can’t find what they’re looking for online are most likely going to pick up the phone and call you. This is when you need to show your charm! Listen carefully and patiently, make sure you’re using the right tone, and make them feel at ease. All of this goes a long way towards relationship marketing because it’s what your brand will be remembered for. 

5. Let’s get inboxes on the go 

Another effective CRM strategy is a well put together email campaign. You can get even more traffic to your website with deals and links in your email. You might not be emailing your regulars, and that’s okay, but you need to get started immediately. These days you can use email campaign website builders that help you create a format and colour scheme to make it look appealing. Your loyal customers shouldn’t be bugged with the same information new customers will get. So, you’ll need to segment your customers into different contact lists. 

6. Social media is CRM central

Your customers are already on social media, and you should be too! You need to make sure that your business has a page on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and use them to build relationships with your customers. It’s not enough to show up; you also have to be active on the platforms! Social media platforms are a great way to remind customers about your business each day. Make sure your posts are engaging and offer the customers what they want. Post frequently to make sure that your customers won’t forget about you. The best place to get close with your customers is social media because that’s precisely where they go to be social. 

Before we go, remember this…

We want to remind you that CRM is about relationship marketing. It’s some tricks you should think about pulling into your online strategy to nurture relationships with high-value customers – loyal ones. This game isn’t about a quick fix but rather the long-haul. We want to keep loyal customers coming back, so manage those relationships with some of the techniques mentioned here, and you will. 

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