How can google ads help you advance your business goals

Technology, and the internet, is a powerful tool, isn’t it? It connects us to people across the world and simplifies how we interact with products and services we need every day. That also means it can be a vital tool in growing our businesses. Local small to medium-sized businesses in Australia aren’t doing enough to harness the potential that they can provide and it’s time to change that. Floodgate Digital has a decade of first-hand experience when it comes to dealing with tradies and their issues with the internet, and we know that a lot needs to change. If you aren’t already invested in them, Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, are a great way to spend part of that budget on marketing. They use very specific technology that targets customers you wouldn’t otherwise find with traditional forms of advertising and marketing. That’s because Google Ads has very smart tech and algorithms that can pinpoint the customer that is already looking for you. It is smart, localised, fast, and affordable. Floodgate Digital is already helping businesses across Australia to build, deploy and manage Google Ads marketing campaigns and we know a few things about how it can help your business reach its goals…

How does Google Ads work?

When an internet user searches for a particular query or question on Google, the search engine immediately begins running an algorithm that determines which ads and paid-for content is best suited for that query. It is complicated but there is a simple way to explain how Google Ads work on the search engine. It’s an automated advertising process that matches internet users with the most relevant businesses and it does it all in a few seconds. Google is a platform that specifically chooses ads based on a few features that make them the best options for potential customers. That includes ads that are in line with the user’s location, the exact service they need, and it uses ads that have the most “credible” content. On the side of the businesses that use the platform for advertising, it works as a kind of market or bidding place to qualify for some of the most popularly searched queries.  You bid for a certain phrase or keyword, along with other local businesses, and pay for the use of that phrase in your ads. You can select a particular format for the ads, display etc, and then after the ad is launched on the Google platform, you only pay-per-click. The pay-per-click model of pay is an attractive concept for small businesses because it means you can set a budget that works for you. You can find out more about the cost of Google Ads or you can reach out to us and we can help you through the process. There are a few ways that Google Ads can help you reach your goal, and we’ve mapped a few out for you below:

Google Ads has targeting technology

Google is a search engine platform that almost all Australians are using when they search for service providers near them. Google’s technology is advanced enough to keep up with all the millions of locals and funnel the best ad content to them as they are looking for it. The “best” ad content is defined by several things on the side of the business, including high-performing website design, but it’s simple on the side of the potential customer. The company’s ads that are being displayed to customers are usually for businesses that are near them and are offering the exact service they need and at the exact moment that they are needed. You don’t get this kind of accuracy with many other advertising platforms. Google Ads will narrow down the pool of potential customers and find the ones that are most likely to pay for your services more instantly.

What this means for advancing your business: the technology is designed to find you ready-to-buy audiences. This is ultimately the goal with advertising because we want to reach people who will act on their need for a service and pay for it. The tech is smart enough to find those looking to pay and that’s exactly who you want for your business to grow. Google Ads can turn online users into buyers.

Google Ads has real-time customer behaviour information

If one of your main problems with your existing online marketing strategies, is that you’re not seeing results, but you don’t know what you’re doing wrong, then Google Ads is the way to go to change that. The technology has also advanced to the point where it can give exact figures and statistics which measure the success of the paid content you’re investing in. Google Ads will let you know immediately as soon as someone clicks an ad. Mainly because that’s when they’ll charge you (for every click) but also because it helps you track how well your paid-for content is doing on the platform. Google itself is a business that wants to attract money from other businesses wishing to use its services. It will benefit from you relying on it as a credible platform if it offers smart and instant tracking figures. Google has an analytics service that tracks how many users are clicking on your ads, how they’re interacting with your website and how many turn into direct leads for your business.

What this means for advancing your business: you can change and adapt your Google Ads strategy as soon as you see customer behaviour trends that suggest flaws or winning elements on your website. It’s an excellent investment because it’s an immediate way to fix your website to attract more customers and this equals growth for the company.

Google Ads has a budget-friendly payment model

You can better control how much money you dedicate to ads if you use Google Ads’ pay-per-click model. There is no minimum or maximum amount, only what you are willing to bid and how much you’ll pay for each guaranteed click onto your ad, and into your website. You can pause and re-enable your ads at any point, and this will stop your expenditure whenever you need it to.

What this means for advancing your business: no money wasted because every click is guaranteed website interaction and every interaction is one step closer to a new customer. You control the spending and that’s important for any growing business in Australia.


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