10 website design trends to expect in 2022

Finding the right website design is similar to finding the perfect pair of shoes – without them, your business can’t take comfortable strides towards something greater. You’re probably reading this because you’ve already started doing your research, and you’ve been flooded with all kinds of web design tips on the internet. And why not? Web design is one of the most important things for the success of your business because it’s how your potential customers judge the credibility of your service. Floodgate Digital is very familiar with the waters of expert website design, and we’ve helped many of our clients find their rhythm. You don’t need to look any further; we’ve already done the deep dive into tips for 2022 and have put together a comprehensive list to help you create a successful web design. 

Web design trends to look out for in 2022

  • The faster, the better

If you haven’t looked into this already, your website needs to be fast to keep up with today’s typical search-engine user. Your potential customers are usually looking for answers, and they want them quickly. In 2022, the main trend driving the digital marketing industry is the importance of site speed. There is so much research that confirms that it influences bounce rate to the overall customer experience. Your website might be the best looking in the game, but if it is slow, it will slow down your conversion rate optimisation and, worse, affect your website’s revenue. Potential clients won’t be sticking around for slow websites in the year to come, and it can also be a massive ranking factor for search engines because of its ties to user experience. You’ll need to consider investing in making your site as fast as possible, and that may require that you avoid high-res images, bloated codes, slow servers or too many external HTTPS. 

  • Using Above the Fold Content to catch the attention

Above the Fold content is an old term digital market veterans use to describe the content seen immediately as internet users open up your website. It comes from the times when people would decide whether or not to buy a newspaper based on the headlines above the fold. The papers were folded in half, and all the customers would see the content that was, literally, above the fold of the newspaper. Fast-forward to the 21st century and above the fold, content is still important for digital marketing! Above the fold content is the stuff visitors see when they first land on your website without scrolling. It’s essential that the content above the fold is interesting and convinces visitors to look for more. Please pay attention to whatever is at the top of your page because it might be the difference between a new sale and no engagement on your page. This means using the good, meaty stuff at the very top of the page, and then you’ll give your visitors a reason to keep scrolling. We’ll give you a couple of tips to get started with here:

  • Use a bold and punchy headline – explain what you can do that separates you from your competitors in four to six words. Be brief, make it bold and use powerful words. 
  • Make your call to action clear – encourage visitors to take action and start doing business with you. This will improve your chances for converting if you add action words like “choose,” “buy”, or “trust” to start the journey of a transaction between your customer and your business. 
  • Fancy it up with some media – use striking images, video or moving graphics to catch their attention and keep it. 
  • Keep it simple

We might sound like a broken record at this point because we keep making this point when it comes to how you make a good website as a business owner. Minimal and simple website designs are known to have higher conversions. Less is definitely more when it comes to trends for 2022. One of the leading platforms for marketing Australian businesses is Google, and it did a massive study which showed that their users don’t like visual complexity on websites. The more complicated it is, the less likeable, and more minimalistic approaches have been perceived as beautiful. Maybe it’s time to put your existing website through some spring cleaning? Consider ditching the sidebar in favour of a single-column design. Stick to standard layouts and stop trying wacky designs. Here are a couple more simple web design trends that will dominate in 2022:

 Dark mode

  • Minimalism
  • Black & white
  • Bold typography
  • User-triggered animation
  • Multi-coloured gradients
  • Authentic images hit home

Try to avoid using too many stock photos because internet users are gravitating towards companies that are real. People like to connect with other people, and nothing gives us that warm fuzzy feeling like a picture that looks authentic. Generic pictures that look perfect don’t sell as well anymore. 

  • Video backgrounds

Simple copy and layouts make room for the use of other unique elements, and one of them is the use of videos and animations as web page backgrounds. Moving pictures give internet visitors more of an experience when they land on your website that feels more interactive, dynamic, and immersive.

  • Google maps integration

If you haven’t already, you need to get on the task of embedding a Google Map on your site because it is another top trend for 2022 website design. Hundreds of thousands of Australians use the Google Maps app to get around every day. It will simplify the work of finding you if you put a link that will automatically launch the app on their phone. 

  • The use of words as an image 

We’ve already discussed the Above The Fold are on your website; the images and copy that appear here are known as the heroes of the website. You have to have a hero image that makes a statement in modern web design times. In 2022, the new trend is using typography-led hero images. They work just as well as an image will because they command attention the way a captivating news headline does. You can even go crazy by using them as an excellent showcase for some tasteful, creative lettering styles. 

  • Moving messaging 

Animated elements are excellent at keeping potential customers that land on the page engaged. It’s not anything new to web design, but it is usually only used for graphic images or page transitions. 2022 design trends are turning to typography for animated innovation. Moving text can come as fresh and unexpected, which is still the case when the animations are kept simple. 

  • Graphics that are unique to your business

There are also stock graphics across the board for modern web design, like stock images. Using stock content can take away from that sense of personality you get with imperfect, handmade artwork. That’s why, for 2022, there will be a boom in the use of uniquely designed graphics. This part of the list will come at a cost because you’ll have to employ a web graphics specialist, but this should already be part of the budget. For your reference, we have a guide that explains how much website design can cost you. 

  • Accessibility for the impaired

The year 2022 is defined by inclusivity and web designs accessible to all. It is becoming a basic expectation that website design includes an aspect of enhanced accessibility to accommodate visitors with visual or hearing impairments. This means that your website design needs to include modern principles of security, design, and content strategy that caters to everyone.

This is all probably a lot to take in but just know that these and other new web design trends for 2022 are only there to improve our experience of the internet. Everyone wins in this scenario – digital marketers, the businesses that rely on them and the people that need access to service providers. The future may seem like it’s moving quickly, but if you book a strategy session with us, we’ll help to slow things down so that we can speed up the growth of your business.


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