How much does website design cost?

QUICK SUMMARY Whether you like it or not, you need to invest in reliable website design and innovation. You might be asking yourself how much it will cost you and we’ve got your back.

Every tradie in Australia is special in their own way. They all work in buzzing local towns that have amazing secret stories and maybe some wacky residents. There’s no way that they can be lumped together when it comes to a winning digital marketing strategy. You have your own business needs and that deserves unique website design. Not enough businesses are improving or using modern marketing innovations in the country. The latest innovation report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows how many of us aren’t cashing in on digital improvement and it’s a little worrying folks. Whether you like it or not, you need to invest in reliable website design and innovation. You might be asking yourself how much it will cost you and we’ve got your back. 


What can affect the cost of your website design? 

There are many reasons why we can’t just give you a straight-forward answer. Websites are complicated machines because they can have far out design and functionality. The main thing that’ll drive that cost up is the TYPE of website you want. Then you need to consider which digital marketing agency you choose and what they’re rates are and blah blah blah… Let’s get one (or maybe two) things straight, don’t just go for the cheapest guys you can find. Cheap websites will work like cheap websites and that’s not what you should want for your business. If you’re hiring an agency, here’s a ballpark range for what you can expect to pay for the most basic vs the opposite:

  • A simple website: $3 500 to $5 000
  • A customized feature-rich site: Upwards of $10 000

Based on these two numbers you can expect the medium option to be somewhere between them. These are all the things that will go into the costs mentioned above. 

  • What type of website do you need?

Something simple for small businesses

You might be a small business in Australia that’s just got a few tools in their tool belt. Your website doesn’t have to be anything complicated because you just need it to work as an online business card. 

Conversion rate focused sites

This is when things get interesting! Websites that catch your customers are different from your average website design. You’ll need something that has conversion rate boosting techniques sprinkled across the content. It will be more polished to convert those visitors into cash and we can do this by making it customer friendly. 

Top-notch, full of features and unique sites

Custom design websites are built brick by brick from scratch by an internet genius. It could have specially made plugins, database integration, or an innovative web app. 

  • Getting a domain name

The first thing you need for any website design plan is a domain name. That’s the address of your new site on the web. The price for this part can be tricky because it varies. It can cost you a couple dollars or even as much as $50. You’ll also have to renew that domain subscription every year or so. 

  • Choose a friendly web host 

There are hundreds of web host providers available to you, you just have to find the perfect fit. Website hosts charge a few and that fee changes based on how complicated your website is. A reputable website design agency will usually help you in selecting the right hosting service for your website. Once that’s sorted, the web host might simplify our lives by offering you templates. A template is basically a blank page, with built in formats, that you edit to your liking. This is another situation where complications cost you more. The more you want to customise your site, the more your designer, developer or agency will charge you. 

  • Copywriting and SEO services

Your website will be a blank canvas and it will need you to get busy with some paint brushes to customize it. That’s where copywriting and good SEO services come in. SEO isn’t just an option anymore; it’s becoming a standard for all businesses trying to keep up with their competitors. We’ve got all the info about what SEO is to help you but it’s basically a way to make your website more visible in search engines to reach your target customers more efficiently. When your website is being designed it should be SEO-optimised. Regardless of the size of your business or the industry you’re working in, having a strong online presence is going to benefit you. It’s the best way to use a newly improved website because it keeps you up to date with the latest digital marketing trends. SEO services are always constantly shifting and changing every year. So, you should factor in the costs of its management when your website design is on the drawing table. Often, you’ll find great deals from local digital marketing agencies that can package in SEO with other marketing and website design services.


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