Why Australian businesses need improved digital marketing?

The Australian small to medium-sized service industry is full of businesses that are the backbone of many communities. They offer essential services to make our lives as locals more convenient and they do it all while upholding certain standards of quality. At Floodgate Digital, we believe in them because they have massive potential, and they are major employers for young aspiring Australians. If we invest in their ongoing growth, we’re investing in the growth of our nation’s economy and the betterment of all our lives. That’s why we consider ourselves a digital growth agency because that’s exactly what digital strategies are supposed to do for you. They’re supposed to grow your business but not just in the most obvious way. Yes, profits are important, but we also want to see a business grow its capacity to engage with customers and help them to broaden their long-term goals. We want bigger and better things for tradies and servicemen across the country and that’s why we are giving away free 30-minute-long strategy sessions for a limited time only. Service-based businesses looking to scale up in Australia – we want you! Other digital marketing strategies don’t have our depth and range of knowledge and yet they are offering much less than us. Keep reading and you’ll find out why you should be taking advantage of our free strategy sessions while they’re still on offer. 

The core expert team of this company aren’t just the best digital minds in Australia because they learnt the tricks by being book smart. We established our roots in the sector by gaining experience on the ground, working amongst the tradies and servicemen, in traditional forms of branding and consumer attraction. We started doing what we are doing now by working at a brick and mortar, old-school marketing channel known as the Yellow Pages. When you think about how you typically find services today, the Yellow Pages isn’t your first go-to source of local service providers but once back then, it was the only way for locals to find anyone. That’s how long we’ve been working with local businesses and how long we’ve been tuned into their concerns. Since then, a lot has changed, and more advanced forms of marketing have come onto the scene. We’ve been able to adapt with the times and create newer platforms that serve the same purpose that the Yellow Pages would. While we made the change to give businesses more exposure or modern platforms, we noticed that they weren’t moving as fast as everyone else towards the new world of marketing. We believe that they’re doing an immense disservice to themselves by failing to use new digital marketing tools because they are missing out on their own potential. We’ve done extensive research and we know this to be true, so, our next move as service-based industry supporters is to help them to make this vital transition. 

Ready for an improved digital marketing strategy?

If you are part of the large majority of businesses that we know, then you would describe your current digital marketing efforts as inadequate. That’s not a bad thing but it can be if you continue to ignore the opportunities that they offer. Digital marketing is an incredibly effective tool, and it can expose you, and Australian customers, to a whole new and improved way of doing business. There’s no reason for you NOT to be interested in an improved strategy and we can show you why. On the other side of this initial roadblock is so many leads that you might not be able to cope with. It’s seeing your name pop up on the first page of internet page results. It’s seeing a significant difference in your sales and in the final bottom line. And ultimately, it’s finally achieving your goals for growth, and possibly, getting there quicker. All you need is the help of astute digital growth specialists that are as invested in your growth as you are. 

Take advantage of our free strategy sessions today 

What if we told you that we’re so passionate about helping local small businesses, that we won’t take your money from you unless we give you results. What if we also told you that before we even schedule the meeting, we can guarantee that it’ll be free. Does it seem like it’s too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. Our free strategy sessions are available as a limited time only offer and we’re offering them to you as a celebration of the launch of our business. There are many digital marketing companies that are offering free sessions but we’re offering them with a specialist who is in high demand because he is highly knowledgeable. Jacob Banks has a solid career in creating businesses that are very successful but are also very successful at helping other businesses. Not many digital agencies can give you that, but he is so invested in the livelihoods of local businesses that he is giving away success guidance for free. There’s more than enough business opportunity to go around and we want to be part of the process for you to find yours. The first step is to head to our website and apply for one of those free spots now before they run out!


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