What are Performance Max campaigns by Google?

Managing a Google Ads campaign can be time-consuming work, and trust us, as regular managers on this platform, we know it better than anyone else. There are different types of campaigns that need different levels of hands-on work, and it isn’t a piece of cake. Well, we’re here to tell you that there is a way for you to spend less time managing PPC campaigns while driving the same, if not more, conversions. The answer is Google’s new performance max campaigns, and they use artificial intelligence and learning tech to build better advertising for your business. Floodgate Digital is here to give you another swimming class to stay afloat in the waters of modern Google PPC innovation. This is everything you need to know about Performance Max campaigns by Google…

What are Performance Max campaigns?

Google, our friendly pay-per-click advertising platform, launched its Performance Max campaigns at one of its virtual marketing events in May 2021. It also said that it would make them widely available to all businesses advertising with them. Performance Max campaigns are Google’s very first fully automated ad campaigns. They’re even a step above Dynamic Search ad campaigns at the level of automation. Performance Max campaigns are a step above them because they’re designed to automate the process of optimising the performance of your advertising. Google will automate the targeting and delivery of the campaign based on some basic information provided by you. You’ll just have to type in some things like ad copy, calls to action and relevant images or videos, and Google takes care of the rest.

What’s special about Google’s Performance Max campaigns?

 Performance Max campaigns are an advertising magic tool that can be used for any kind of campaign across all of Google’s ad inventory.  While it may not be your cup of tea if you prefer to have a hands-on approach for your PPC campaigns, it is beneficial for those who want campaigns that work for themselves, by themselves. That’s precisely why they’re perfect for Australia’s hard-working sector of small and medium-sized business owners who don’t have much time to click away at their PC every day. Any kind of tradie can enjoy a smashing PPC campaign with Performance Max campaigns as long as you make sure to set specific goals when launching your campaign. Depending on the greater plans for your business, that may mean the decision to focus your campaign on a particular offer or service rather than the company brand. Performance Max campaigns are an excellent avenue to explore if you’re wondering how to be successful with Google Ads.

Advantages of a Performance Max campaign

  • It focuses on your goals

Google designed these campaigns to focus on, learn behaviours and perform on the parameters that are unique goals to your business. When you set it up at the very start of the campaign, it will get better at optimising the campaign to meet the goal you set at the beginning of the campaign. It has particular goal or target options available to advertisers, including:



  • Effortless optimisation and ad creation

The most significant advantage of Google’s Performance Max campaigns is that you can literally set it and leave it. It offers the businesses that use it a fresh hands-free approach for your PPC campaign. Even the process of setting up the campaign is incredibly quick and easy, and after that, there isn’t much more for you to do. Performance Max campaigns just need some information from you, and it will create ads on your behalf, track them, optimise them and improve the campaign’s performance. What an exciting change in how we do digital advertising! You, or the team you hire, won’t need to spend too much time tweaking campaigns while they are live on Google. Performance Max will do it all for you. 

  • Optimize your time and money

 Performance Max campaigns will save you time, but Google has also stated that they will save you money too. This type of PPC campaign is also capable of automating and optimising your bids for maximum value. Google has a feature called Target ROAS bidding which will be available to Performance Max users using Video action campaigns. It will also become available to those Discovery ads users in a matter of months. Target return on ad spend (ROAS) is an automated Google Ads bid strategy that claims to hit the target return on ad spend but is based on the ROAS figure specified by the advertiser. If you’re trying to make the best of your PPC budget, Performance Max campaigns may be a solution. 

How to make your own Performance Max Campaign

Before you get started, you’ll need to have Google Ads Conversion Tracking implemented on your site. Once that is sorted, there are a few steps before your campaign is up and running:

  • Define your goal 

You need to decide what kind of growth you’re trying to generate for your website and then set that goal. 

  • Specify that budget & bidding limit

You will then set a budget and bidding strategy that works best for you. There are a couple of options to choose from with Performance Max campaigns, and they include the choice to maximise conversion or spend or set a target cost or conversion.

  • Build an asset group

You’re not building the ad; you are giving Google the tools and dimensions to do it for you. You will need to give the platform information about your business, which will be used to create ads. You will provide multiple headline versions, ad descriptions, images, your logo and videos. There is also the option of selecting a target audience. The campaign will then be placed on the devices of users who are most likely to convert quicker. 

Naturally, you should expect that it’s not as easy as three steps, but this is a basic outline that should prepare you for what’s required. 

Before you go automate your ad campaigns

Google’s new fancy ad campaign feature is by no means a substitute for the skills and knowledge from your local digital advertising experts. Performance Max campaigns are just a tool to get your foot further in the door. We can all take a swim in the sea, can’t we, but if you are handed scuba diving equipment to swim deeper than ever before, you still need a specialist to help you along the way.


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