How to be successful with Google Ads

QUICK SUMMARY Let’s make it clear, you can find success with Google Ads, but it has to be with the right Google Ads strategy for you.

Google Ads are all the rave in the country because no one can beat them on the results they offer the businesses that use them. Australia’s Competition and Consumer Commission has hard facts about how it dominates the market. It estimated that over 90% of all ad tech impressions went through Google platforms in 2020. Most Australians use Google as their search engine of choice and that’s exactly why you should use their platform. Let’s make it clear, you can find success with Google Ads, but it has to be with the right Google Ads strategy for you. 

Advertising just isn’t the same anymore. People aren’t as easily convinced by big billboards with ten exclamation marks saying: “BUY NOW!!!!!!”. These days, they’re looking for local experts that are genuine and can prove how authentic they’re work is. Google Ads is on the exact same page! It has tech that connects the right people with the best service providers. You will pay for advertising that is put in front of people that will be receptive to it. This is a simple explanation of how Google Ads work but there’s more to it. Keep reading for a few tips about maximising on your chances for success with Google Ads:

5 tips for a successful Google Ads campaign

  • Map out those goals and objectives

You can give a builder all the right tools, but if they don’t know what they want to do with them, well, it’s all pointless, isn’t it? Google Ads are a tool right at your fingertips, but you have to know what you want to do with them. Be clear about what you want to achieve for our business. Maybe it’s more sales per month, more customer engagement with your website or maybe it’s a few more customers added to your list of regulars. Google Ads has options that can easily help you achieve these things. If your goal is as simple as making more money, Google Ads is the answer. Since 2014, Statista reports that Google accounted for 90% of all the revenue made on general search advertising in Australia

  • Good Ads get good clients

Your online advertising might very well be the first time everyone discovers your business. Google is open to any business for advertising opportunities, but it won’t promote any funny business. You need to create relevant ads because we want them to click through. There’s a lot that goes into developing good Google Ads. We’ll give you a few to start with on the house:

  • Put your keywords in the title, copy and the pages that potential customers are directed to
  • Use call-to-actions in the ad
  • Use ad extensions to put some extra relevant info in there
  • Look locally to find looking locals

Google Ads has very smart technology that knows how locals use the internet and when it’s the right time to target them. Your Google Ad campaign is nothing without a focus on your location. Advertising that localises its content is a fantastic way to bring customers to your physical location. To do this right, you need to choose a digital marketing agency that knows how all the different local markets in Australia operate. 


Google Ads will let you target a location and give you an estimated audience size for that area. You can even go as far as choosing a specific radius around a central location. You can make your ads as local as you want them to be.

  • Test, tweak and repeat

You should use the diverse options on Google Ads to try several types of advertising strategies. Create two or three separate ads and run them at the same time. Check back in on the engagement metrics and use our handy conversion calculator. This will help you point out the ads that are the most successful and get you the most sales. Keep what works and get rid of the ones that don’t. Doing this makes sure that you keep your ROI figures looking as pretty as pie. The more returns you’re making, the more you have to put in your pocket or to reinvest into some more advertising. One of the main characteristics of any kind of success story is the ability to improve! Study your Google Ads campaigns to keep improving on your business and maintaining your success. 

  • Optimize your website

It’s not just your advertising that needs improving, so does your website. Website optimization isn’t easy, so, you don’t have to take this part of our advice without help from a reputable digital marketing agency. It takes a deep understanding of the customers, the market, and your competition to build the perfect website. You also need to know how to comprehend and interpret data from Google Analytics and AdWords. This data will let you know what potential customers are looking for and how to give it to them. 



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