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QUICK SUMMARY We’ll do our very best to give you the main ins and outs of internet search platforms, so you can use SEO to get your website to rank higher on Google.

Internet search is a wonderful way to find customers but, boy oh boy, can it be a monster to understand as a marketing platform. We’ll do our very best to give you the main ins and outs of internet search platforms, so you can use SEO to get your website to rank higher on Google. Everything we’ll explain is meant to get more eyeballs on your website and more eyeballs can be converted into more paying customers. Five minutes is not nearly enough to get it, but it’s a start, and we can give you one-on-one help to figure out the rest of it. 

What’s the difference between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO?


Imagine that SEO is one big pie, and you bake this pie with the hopes of feeding it to your customers to convince them to keep doing business with you. Now, the SEO pie is made up of many different ingredients and can be sliced into different strategies. The pie is made up of two halves, which are the core elements of SEO strategy, and those halves are on-page SEO and off-Page SEO. One-Page SEO is about the content you create to improve the website’s visibility. This half of the pie can be sliced down to other elements like into your pages and content, original and high-quality content, metatags, and titles that are keyword-rich and well-written, for example. The other half of the pie is Off-Page SEO which is the optimization that happens OFF your website like backlinks. This part of the pie is made up of relationships with other good websites and the sharing of content. You need both these things, and other SEO techniques, because they will grow your business. There are many other reasons why you need SEO, but we’ll get into some of those reasons later on. If you understand this first part, you’re already on your way to being an SEO guru yourself!

Shady SEO strategies to avoid


SEO is such a trendy marketing tool for businesses in Australia because it’s quick at getting results. The problem with this, is that dodgy SEO scam companies can use this to their advantage and waste your money. They’ll use quick gains techniques that we’ll call Shady SEO stuff for the purpose of this guide. Shady SEO stuff includes sneaky tactics that only get you short-term results like keyword stuffing and random link scraping to rank quickly. The shady stuff is still being used because it will get you some traffic to your site, but it won’t last and worst of all, Google ends up penalizing and even blacklisting you so you’ll never rank. Forget the shady stuff and use LEGIT stuff to build an online platform that will last and keep bringing in those customers. Google already has a set of ranking criteria that it uses to separate the shady from the legit, so all you have to do is stay on the right side. Use the best content (blogs, pages & keywords), play by the search engine rules and your website will keep raking the cash in. That’s exactly what SEO is all about. These are the rules to run with:

Stay away from duplicate content

Shady SEO tries to duplicate content on the website to spam keywords in the text over and over again. Google will penalize sites that do this. Back in the day, people would include a ton of keywords at the bottom of their articles but make them the same colour as the background. Can you imagine trying to sneak in spammed keywords by making them invisible? Very shady and it will get you blacklisted very quickly. 


Link it up wrong

Shady linking practises are lazy and will do the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. Get the right links from relevant and credible sites boost your own pages credibility. 


How to do SEO the right way


Now that we’ve got all the things you SHOULDN’T be doing, let’s get into the right way of using SEO for your business. Every business needs SEO so there are a few basics that will get you on the right track. Just a word of advice just for you, dear business owner, SEO is not something you can make a change to today and expect to see overnight success. SEO takes daily work with the goal of long-term success.

Content will always be king

Your number one job to do well with SEO is to make great content for your customers. You need to invest time in putting together guides of your own about the services you offer and why locals should choose you for them. We know, it sound’s like a bummer, right? Just like starting a business, SEO is no different: great results come from big effort. Even the best SEO strategy is nothing if it doesn’t have quality content. It won’t generate high-quality leads without good quality content

Research those keywords before you pick ‘em

Proper keyword research will decide exactly what you call your website or how you describe your brand online. Once you’ve locked in on a choice of keywords, that’s how people will recognize your brand! You can them use them in your content and links and people will know, that they’ve found you. Keyword research isn’t a one-time thing, as more businesses get into the game they too will start competing for the same keywords. So, you’ll need to keep developing them, redesigning your website to showcase them and even come up with new content. 

Build a structurally tough website

You need a website that has good architecture because it makes your website a nice comfy structure for the people visiting it. We need fast loading times, safe connections, and a mobile-friendly design.


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