How long does it take to Design a Website?

QUICK SUMMARY  The appearance and functionality of your website design will have a significant influence on user experience and how your business is perceived.

First, it’s important to understand what you want from the website and what your ideas are. This discovery session would help understand your vision and needs and devise a solution that fulfils your goals. If you are still unsure on why you need a website, read this.

Also, if you are creating a new website from scratch for your business, getting the content written for the home page, product or services pages can take another week. But if you’re rebranding your website, we can just recycle the content that you already have. This comprises a sitemap that identifies the general content layout as well as the functionality and user experience on all major pages.

Then comes the actual website design and development part. It’s necessary that you only work with experienced developers and designers. The duration of this phase depends on how many web pages you want designed and the complexity of the design.

If someone is promising you that you’ll get a brand new website in 1 or 2 weeks, do not fall for that. Good quality website can’t be built in such a short duration.

Never accept the first draft. All good developers are ready to make as many changes as you need to. After the website is up to your expectations, the developer will check all the buttons, images, pages and its ready to launch.

So, to break it down –

From start to finish, a typical website will take at least 5 weeks. This includes one week for discovery, three weeks for design and development, and one week for revisions. If you want the content written, it might take considerably longer.

If you choose a growth-driven design, your website will require ongoing improvement and monitoring. The site will be the best for increasing conversions and offering a consistent positive and results-driven user experience.

However, because the website is built precisely for your target group, it will enhance their user experience and make your brand shine. Furthermore, search engines rank it better too.


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