How has Social Media Changed Marketing

QUICK SUMMARY  If you’ve had a business for 20+ years or you have just started looking at social media as a marketing tool, you’ll realise how far we’ve come. Gone are the days when you used to flick through the Yellow pages directory to find tradies and call till someone picks up. Or the days when you bought clothes looking at magazines.

Welcome to the new age!

Social media has changed the game completely. But how have the advantages of social media influenced marketing?

Let’s look at how social media has changed marketing.

1. Global reach

A small business is no longer just known to the people who live in that particular area or region. A small business may become known to people from all over the world by utilising social media without having to invest a huge amount of money.

Their advertising would have no regard for national or international boundaries. Your small clothing brand based in Gold Coast can grow from local clientele to thousands of followers and international customers. Social media can make that happen to you.

2. Big data

As businesses, we have never known our customers better than we do today. There is data about everything and everyone. The access of big data is one of the reasons why paid advertising and organic posting has grown so prevalent on social media. Targeting a wide audience has long been a part of traditional marketing. This means that a large portion of the individuals you reach will be disinterested in what you have to offer. As a result, the rate of return on investment is small.

As social media has risen in popularity, so has the data it can supply to businesses. In fact, you can modify your approach as you collect data, changing things like the audience you target, your message, and the time you release content. Furthermore, by removing the element of guessing from marketing, big data is the most accurate thing that will help you market your business. Here are some tips about the best social media for your marketing.

3. Easy customer service

Customer service has always been a vital aspect of a business since it allows consumers to stay in touch with the company when they have product or service-related questions or requests. Customers will repurchase and be loyal to a brand if the customer service is fast to respond and seeks to resolve concerns to a satisfactory degree. Customers rely significantly on social media to receive customer support in minutes, at any time of day. Customer support has never been this simple. They’d have to send lengthy letters, call customer service, or fill out forms that they might never hear back from.

Now all you have to do is send out a DM through Facebook or Instagram and the business or brand representative get back within hours.


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