Why every business needs to invest in CRO?

Your website should be working for your business like a giant fishing net, trying to catch as many fish as possible on the internet. Websites, like fishing nets (for the purpose of this metaphor), are great at attracting traffic if they’re used properly but they aren’t very good at filtering out any traffic that leads to nothing. Unwanted traffic is the type that won’t turn into any result where your business is closer to making money. The good kind of traffic can be converted into customers who are really interested in buying and follow through with that interest. Calculating how much of your traffic is converted into sales is the principle behind CRO. CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization, and it is the process of managing your website and its content to create better conversions from the traffic that lands on it. CRO is a more focused approach to handling online traffic because it focuses on the quality, not quantity, of potential customers using your website. It’s a growth strategy technique that can separate the virtual window shoppers from paying customers and that’s exactly what you need for your business.

You currently already have a ballpark figure of what your conversion rate is and if you’re not happy with it, CRO is a strategy which will optimize it. This is how you calculate your current conversion rate (assuming you already have the stats on-hand): Divide the number of visitors to your website by how many sales you make in the same time period. This figure is important because you want website visits to become customers in real life. That’s the point of using online platforms because they function as a marketing tool that convinces people to choose you as a service provider.

A large chunk of the typical digital strategy for small to medium size businesses in Australia focuses on boosting social media and website interaction. Conversion is a completely different ball game because it’s not concerned with how often people are using your website. These numbers aren’t always a guarantee that the users are closer to making a purchase. SEO (search engine optimization) techniques and CRO adjustments are very similar and consist of some of the same things, but they have different end-goals.

5 reasons why you need CRO

CRO website adjustments are important to create an easy and compelling experience for customers who are looking to pay for your services and pay quick. Besides the obvious motivation for CRO being that it’ll lead to more revenue for your company, here are 5 other reasons to invest in it:

  • A buyer-friendly website attracts buyers

CRO techniques are a strategy towards making a good first impression when customers click on your website. A good first impression is very likely to affect your success at converting clicks to cash. Customers can be turned off by pages that are slow to load, complicated lettering and even by specific colours as soon as they access your webpage. Online users rely on websites for their speed and if anything delays their experience, that’ll result in low conversion rates. 

  • You’re getting lots of traffic, but aren’t seeing an increase in sales

You’ve tried revamping your website and social media platforms and the analytics say that interaction numbers are up. You’re happy with these results but you aren’t seeing the sales trickling in at the rate you want them too. This is the perfect time to use the right CRO strategy to take full advantage of the growing numbers in online traffic.

  • CRO can help you track your customer’s behaviour

The basis of CRO is to encourage visitors to buy based on technical and creative content on your website. That means it can also be a useful tool in tracking exactly how they interact with your website and why it doesn’t result in a sale. Google Analytics can show you exactly how people are using the website and what you need to adjust to optimize their experience. The analytics can show you things like how long they spend on your website (exit rate), if they’re exploring more than one page (bounce rate) and how many of them are clicking on products or quote forms but not following through (product abandonment rate).

Basic CRO tips to get you started

  • Update the graphic elements like button colours and font
  • Edit your headlines
  • Update CTAs
  • Write more interesting content
  • Update how you display your products and the pricing
  • Get better acquainted with your analytics

All these things will result in better conversion rates. They’re techniques that incentivize website visitors to become buyers because you’ve made the process easy, engaging, and secure. Remove content and IT barriers that are blocking or slowing down potential sales and rather introduce elements that entice them to part with their money.

At this point, you’ve identified how and why CRO strategies can help to boost those sales and attract more customers. Depending on your goals for your business and how much you’re willing to invest in scaling up, a good strategy could be simple or very complicated. Floodgate Digital is a growth strategy company that can help you design a strategy and implement other digital solutions to expand your business. We’re happy to offer you one of our 30-minute strategy sessions at no cost to you. The spots are limited and the going rate with our Australian business marketing expert, Jacob Banks, usually goes for $1 500 per hour outside of this special deal. Click here to book one now.


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