What is the best social media for my business?

Social media platforms don’t just exist for friends to communicate with each other anymore. Many people rely on social media as their main source of income and a host of other business-related purposes. More importantly, social media users also use the platforms as a source of information when looking for news, products, and services. Our research found that over 15 million Australians use social media and of over 90% of them are actively following at least one business page on the platforms. Now, more than ever, is the time for businesses to look at social media platforms as a place for authentic content that showcases what they have to offer. This is an original Floodgate Digital guide to social media for small to medium businesses. We’re going to tell you what to use and how to use it to its full potential.

Why do I need social media for my business?

At the basic, most obvious level, social media can be a marketing channel for your business’ service offerings. It is known to be a very profitable marketing tool because you cut out the middleman. You don’t need to outsource a marketing expert to set up your own pages and upload or publish your own content. You can use the platform to post content that goes directly to your customers and other interested clientele.  Other than a DIY marketing channel, social media will also work towards building a positive presence online. Here are some of the things an effective social media presence can do for you:

Build stronger brand awareness

Social media is designed to keep everyone updated and connected with each other on a daily basis. If you get your business on the right platforms, it means your customers will see everything you post as soon as you post it. As long as your business is on social media and using it to post content regularly, it’ll be more difficult for your followers or interested customers to forget you. It’s all about free exposure and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Build stronger connections with your customers

This is the perfect opportunity to communicate with your customers directly. Whether it’s responding to comments or engaging in similar content. Open direct messaging options so that can ask you any queries directly and you might secure more chances to close a sale. The aim to is make your business seem approachable and open to communication. You might come across a few chancers and even potential customers with a few dumb questions, but you have more of a chance finding customers by communicating with them this way.

Build a larger customer base

All the benefits listed above, will ultimately lead to you attracting more customers and more customers means more cash. The right use of social media platforms is a guaranteed way to open a direct sales funnel into your business that’ll generate more income. In your own experience, haven’t you found yourself more likely to choose a service provider who has a social media page that you find interesting and that responds to any questions you may send them immediately. If you are interactive and informative, it makes customers more inclined to use your services now and in the future. You can build a solid set of business “regulars” just by spending the time on social media efforts.

Floodgate Digitals five tips for using social media 

  • Boost Your SEO
  • Connect with other business pages
  • Post content with a personal touch 
  • Add a mailing list option
  • Use Notifications/Posts to promo specials

Which one is best for my business?

There are over 65 different social media platforms in popular use today, but we’ve picked out five because they’re the most prominent for doing business in Australia.

FACEBOOK This platform has over 2 billion active users and generates billions in dollars from ad content. This means it has considerable reach and is great for advertising opportunities
  • Targeted ad content
  • Customizable business pages or groups
  • Has a business review function for happy clients
INSTAGRAM This photo and video sharing platform also has over 1 billion users and is popular amongst younger market groups if you are interested in reaching them
  • Excellent display page for products and services
  • Has private messaging capability
  • More appealing to mobile customers
LINKEDIN This platform will be more useful at finding you business partners than customers, but this can be an important B2B communication tool.
  • 65 million active users
  • More suitable for networking opportunities
YOUTUBE This is a video sharing platform that customers use for entertainment and knowledge. It is the perfect way to make yourself and your business become recognizable experts in specific skills with tutorial videos.
  • Perfect platform to post “How to…” or “Did you know” videos
  • 2 billion active users
TWITTER Twitter has a specific “Twitter for business” platform where you can promo original content and engage with followers on a much closer level.
  • Ads appear more seamlessly on feeds
  • Easy way to engage with customers instantly
  • Great way to create original content with hashtags.

When it comes to choosing which one is the best channel for promoting your business and showcasing your services, consider a few things first. What are your goals, how you want to market your service (pictures, videos, or blogs) and what level of interaction your capable of offering your customers? You have to know your audience and prime your content for their consumption. It’ll take meticulous planning and we’re ready to help you with it. Floodgate Digital has grown the social media accounts of many businesses in the past and know how to get results from social posts. Let us show you what is possible! Your free social media strategy session is just a click away.


Which social media platform is popular in Australia?


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