How to Increase Conversion Rate Optimization

QUICK SUMMARY  Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a strategy for boosting the percentage of your website visitors that converts into a purchase or lead, often known as a conversion.

Conversions are quite important. They are the exciting times when a random visitor to your business eventually purchases one of your items or registers for your service.

On a far lesser scale, conversions are taking place all the time building up to that moment.

So, how can you increase your rate?

1. Add a live chat option

This is a great tool to engage with your visitors and add value to their user experience. Use live chat software to interact with website visitors in real time and provide assistance and direction as needed. Add these messaging features to your high-performing web pages, such as price or FAQs, to ensure visitors get the information they need in real-time. You may also show them your blogs in order to educate them on the subject.

You may also have your SMS and chat bots undertake certain actions. For example, if someone has been on the website for more than a minute without clicking anything, you may want to automatically offer to assist and answer any queries they may have.

2. Retargeting

The majority of visitors to your website do not perform the desired action. You may re-engage users who have left your website by retargeting to them through Facebook and Google Ads.
Retargeting works by tracking visitors to your website and showing them online ads when they browse other websites on the internet. This is especially effective when you retarget visitors to your highest-converting web pages.
For retargeting to be successful, you need to use your brand colours and tone of voice while writing the ad copy as well as have appealing images, and a compelling offer.

3. High converting blogs

As it’s known in digital marketing, content is king. If you produce good quality content, more and more people will be interested in your business. Publishing blog articles creates a large chance for conversions.
To begin improving your blog content, find the articles with low traffic but high conversion rates as well. You want to increase quality internet traffic to those posts, which you can achieve by optimising the content for search engines or updating it as required to keep it current and relevant.

If you haven’t already, adding relevant CTAs at the end of blogs can improve your conversion rates.


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