Benefits of SEO for service-based business

QUICK SUMMARY The big, beautiful online world is the perfect place to find customers for local tradies and a good SEO strategy can help you do it. web

The best and most successful businesses in Australia are the ones that are all about the locals. Whether it’s the people that make the business great, or the customers that help to keep it going. Everyone, and we literally mean EVERYONE in the country, is on the internet desperately looking for trustworthy tradies. A 2020 report from the Australian Communications and Media Authority said that nearly all adults went online and the number has only sky-rocketed since then. The big, beautiful online world is the perfect place to find customers for local tradies and a good SEO strategy can help you do it. So, how do you do it and how can it benefit you? Keep reading and we’ll break it down for you. 

SEO for service business: Is it worth my time? 

Competition is tight for business owners in the country and they are all after new customers. If you already run a website, there’s nothing to think about. The platform is there, all you have to do is fix it up with cracking SEO techniques to get you on your way to bigger gains for your business. SEO will get your business visible on Google search results and visibility means you’ll get seen by your new regular clients! We have lots more to tell you about what SEO is and how it works but what you’re reading now is a list about everything you stand to gain. 

5 benefits of SEO for service-based businesses

  • Showcase those skills & services 

One of the top tips of SEO for aussie tradies is to create separate web pages for each service you offer and the locations you service. Let’s say you’re a furniture repairs team, for a quick example, make separate subpages for each type of furniture fixing you can do like a page for kitchen furniture repairs, carpentry repairs and maybe even outdoor furniture. It’s definitely more profitable to design your website this way because internet users will be redirected after their initial Google search to the exact page that they’re looking for. It’s quicker, more convenient and a guaranteed way to get those engagement numbers up. On top of giving each of your skills a page on their own, you should also use the right keywords for each one. You could use “kitchen furniture repairs” for the kitchen page and “carpentry repairs” for your woodwork page. You should also think about creating pages for each location you service too. 

  • Flex that creative muscle 

One of the best things about SEO is that you can get creative with content. Content is a straightforward way to get you in a better spot on Google results pages because Google loves good content. The tech is built to sniff out pages that have credible and high-quality content and to suggest them to internet users. People with pools near you might search for the phrase “how often should I clean my pool?” and all you have to do, (if you’re a pool cleaning whizz, of course) is write useful blog with all the answers. If it’s good, your blog will show up in the best positions and you better believe that customers will click on them. 

  • Unlocked customer potential with KEYwords

Keywords can, literally, unlock the floodgates to more customers. Use some of the suggestions we’ve made already to start like service pages and blogs. Sprinkle the right keywords in there because these will also get you noticed by Google’s smart tech. The tricky part is knowing what keywords to use, and you might not get this straight away. You could use free SEO keyword tools like SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner. Or you can shake the stress off your shoulders, book a free strategy session with us, and rely on great minds we have on our team to find some for you. 

  • Find those locals 

Local SEO tricks will get your websites on the phones and PCs of all the customers who are right next door. The better your localised SEO is, the more likely you are to show up in local search results and you can do this in any number of ways. Localised SEO is a magic worker for service-based businesses in Australia because they attract clients that turn into leads because of how close they are to your business. You can get started with a Google My Business profile and that’ll get you a spot next to other local businesses when customers are searching for you. Once that’s sorted, you can expect your business to show up on this part of the search results page: 



Google will put the best Google My Business profiles first and there are a few things you can do to achieve that:

  • Add photos
  • Ask clients to review your service on the profile 
  • Add your location 
  • Use keywords in your description, and keep the description short
  • Optimized websites are star performers

SEO is a digital marketing technique that does what the name says – optimize your page for search engines. Optimize is a fancy word for improve and the most improved websites are the ones that do great on Google. All the things we’ve already mentioned will optimize your page and trust us; you will start ranking higher. If there’s one thing, we without a doubt – it’s that SEO works for tradies. Each page on your website, whether its blogs, service pages etc, should be optimized in the following ways to meet Googles requirements. 

  1. Page titles in 70 or less characters 
  2. Punchy phrases and keywords 
  3. Short and informative meta descriptions 
  4. Headers and titles 

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