Target paying customers with an upgraded, interactive website designed by our team of Melbourne market experts. We’ve already helped businesses in the area with their website establishment and can promise that you’ll enjoy the success that they do. Your website is your most important online asset and acts as a digital storefront for potential customers. We’re not a generalist marketing agency that’ll take your money and under deliver. Floodgate Digital is home to online marketing scientists who can engineer the best Web Design strategy for your small to medium sized business with ease.

Wash-away your competitors

Half of all businesses in Australia still don’t have websites. Many of them have been operating for an impressive number of years but don’t see the point in good online presence investment. The country is adjusting to increased online products and services demand since the move to mainly virtual ways of doing business. Now, more than ever, is the time to invest in creating or updating your website for your small business in Melbourne. Our local digital market experts know exactly how to improve your online presence with a website that is eye-catching and effective at retaining customer attention. Floodgate Digital’s core team of website specialists has helped thousands of businesses create websites that have generated millions in revenue over the past decade. We’ll design a website that puts a spotlight on your business and makes it compete more effectively with other businesses online. You’ll notice a difference because there are hundreds of locals using the internet every day just to find you.

Get a FREE web design strategy while you can

Floodgate Digital is offering your small to medium sized business a once in a lifetime opportunity for a limited time only. To celebrate the launch of the company, we’re giving away free web design strategy sessions, on a first come first serve basis, while slots are still available. These sessions usually go for $750 with our award-winning founder and service based industry maven, Jacob Banks. Don’t hesitate because you have nothing to lose but much to gain. Our strategy will teach you how to create and maintain a well-designed website that’ll flood your business with new customers.

Web Design & Development

Service provider/ Information website Creative & eye-catching design Social media integration

Conversion & ROI techiques

Conversion analytics & tracking Profit-pumping techiques Organic and paid website optimization

Advanced technical web solutions

Secure web experience Page load speed improvement Backlink and page redirection

Costumer experience refinement

Effective user interface design Interactive flash and imaging Engaging content

Every business needs a good website design strategy. Here’s why…

It doesn’t matter if you are offering the most obscure service in Australia, any business operating in any industry needs to put some time and energy into an online presence because it has a massive impact on your success prospects. Modern consumers use the internet first before approaching a business in real life. They need to be sure of the service you’re offering and gage an expectation of a certain level of experience before parting with their money. A good website, therefore, can make or break your success in the Melbourne market. This is what a Floodgate Digital Web design strategy can do for you:

Cement your credibility

People that use websites to find service providers online do it because they trust that search engines are compiling a list of the best credible and authoritative businesses available. They rely on websites as an indicator to prove that your business is legit. Often, a poorly designed website can deter potential customers because it makes the business look like a fly-by-night shady provider. A good quality website is sure to make you stand out as a reliable service provider.

Grow brand awareness

Many people may be interested in your services but are just not aware how close you are to them. Our localised Web Design strategy will make sure that more people know that you were there all along, waiting for them to notice you. The strategy isn’t just effective at making your brand known, it is also effective at educating people about your history as a local service provider in Australia. Internet users could learn interesting facts about the people and skills that make up the backbone of your business and studies have shown that they are eager to interact with this kind of content.

Up your leads

Our Web Design strategy is guaranteed to grow your leads and funnel that activity straight back into your business. It will cost you to prime your website to attract new customers but as soon as you do, you’ll see online engagement turn into phone calls and then that will turn into real business that increases your profit.

Improved content promotion

A website is the perfect platform to promote your own original content and to publicize any specials you have going on at any moment. These elements on a website have proven to be very effective at enticing customers to do business with you because it makes you look like an expert in your field. Potential customer’s will always be more inclined if they spot a new deal or special on your page. If you continue to do regular updates of this, it will encourage your customer base to keep visiting your website and to spend more of their money with your business.


Agency fee

Call us for a personalized quote now on 1300 113 230

Domain name fee

$5-$50 (plus yearly domain subscription)

Web host fee

$500 and upwards once-off (the more complicated, the more expensive)

Maintenance fees

Call us for a personalized quote now on 1300 113 230

Web design fee

Simple small-business site $500 and upwards

Website with conversion rate optimization features $2000 and upwards

Highly customised, feature-rich website $5000 and upwards

Wash away your competition

Do you ever wonder why you see you competion everywhere you look? They seem to be crushing you online. Give us you’re competitions website and we will reverse engineer their whole digital marketing strategy and give you a detailed explanation on exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it for FREE.


We’ve been operating across Australia for a decade and have the brains to prove it. Our focus has been the act of championing the country’s small to medium service based business industry because it’s full of talented born and bred Australians. We promise to grow your business by flooding it with new leads, customers, and sales. Floodgate Digital has been successful at smashing (and exceeding) the goals of thousands of businesses in over 300 niche markets, and we’re guaranteed to do the same for you. Visit our website to find out how you can get in touch with us for all your web design solutions and much more.


WARNING: Jacob normally charges $1500 an hour for 1 on 1 digital marketing session. This is a limited one time offer with only 20 spots available. Get in quick, or miss out!

PS: Please only apply if you are an established business or looking to scale or grow.


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