The best Google Ads strategy, designed specifically for your business, is waiting for you at Floodgate Digital. We will help you target customers and work on those leads with a localised PPC campaign. Backed by experience with hundreds of companies based in the Sunshine Coast, our team of experts can help you take advantage of Google’s market leading advertising platform. Our guarantee is to get you to the first page of results, or the work is free!

Sunshine Coast market experts

If you haven’t already tapped into the potential of online customers by using targeted ads, call us now and we’ll get you started on the right track. Millions of Australians are using Google to find services in the Sunshine Coast on a daily basis. The right Google Ads campaign will make sure that you are finding them and convincing them to choose you. Floodgate Digital knows how consumers in the Sunshine Coast are using search engines and we’ll apply that expertise to create a specialized paid marketing plan for you. You’ll see the results almost instantly and also see that new online traffic converted into sales. We’ll study your business and local market, apply that to a Google Ads strategy that aligns with your business goals, and that’ll result in a winning formula. Tired of spending money on Ads and not seeing the results? Call us now and we will mark our work with a guarantee of return on all your ad spend. 

Open the floodgates today!

There are many online marketing platforms available to businesses, but Google Ads is one of the most effective and popular methods of paid marketing. That’s why we have a special team dedicated to this particular aspect of digital marketing. They are very experienced and determined to increase your online traffic and turn that into real cash that’s funnelled straight into your pocket. We promise to design a Google Ads strategy that will not only maintain, but shine a spotlight, on the integrity and values that have built your business into what it is today.  Our mandate as a company is to facilitate growth for your company and a personalized Google Ads strategy is one step closer to achieving that. 

What do you stand to gain?


Unlike organic forms of marketing, Google Ads work much quicker at targeting customers because they’re paid content.

You only pay per click and it’s up to you to control how much (and when) you’re willing to spend on the platform

Google will funnel more traffic directly to your website after we optimize it with keywords and improved technical elements.

Types of ads


Google Videos

Video ads can do two things towards expanding the awareness of your business in Sunshine Coast. They can direct customers to your web page or portal so that you get additional follow-through clicks or they can function as creative content that showcases your services and skills


Google Mobile Ads

These are ads targeted to smartphone users and can be very lucrative because 80% of all mobile searches use web engines to find services or products near them. It offers customers quick info access that is compatible with mobile browsers


Google Display Ads

Google will place your ads on websites, apps, or social media in banners across or along the side of page. It’s usually a graphic format that’s made of text, images, and flash.


Google Text Ads

Text ads consist of writing (keywords, captions, headings, and links) that attract users to go straight to your website. They are placed and designed to look like organic search results with the exception of having the word “Ad” discreetly placed next to it.


Google Dynamic Ads

These are similar to traditional text ads but do not use keywords and rather stick to using text directly from and linked to your website. It’s considered dynamic because Google matches search requests directly with products or services on your website.

How much will it cost

Google Ads is the most popular PPC platform in the Sunshine Coast for many reasons but one of them is its cost-effective payment structure. It doesn’t claim to be cheap, but it does give you the freedom to work with what you’ve got. Unfortunately, there is no single answer for this question because a business’ advertising goals and budgets are not a one-size-fits-all deal. Your service is unique to you and so the advertising cost will depend on your growth plans for the local market. There are many things that will affect how much you pay per click, even outside of Google’s standard rate structure. The external factors influencing the cost of Google Ads can include location specific attributes like the competitive nature of your specific industry, the size of the market you operate in and consumer trends or behaviour changes.

Internal costs that factor into the PPC are your maximum bid for a keyword and the quality score your website achieves which decides your ranking on the results page. Your maximum bid is the amount you’re willing to pay for the use of a keyword in a live Google Auction. If that is accepted, Google then reviews the quality of your website and gives it a ranking which also comes with a specific cost. Both these internal and external factors can make your PPC as low as $1,60 or as high as $5. Your ad content is technically displayed for free, and you only pay when a customer clicks on it. If you budget a monthly number of clicks, you’re willing to pay for, you can choose when and for how long you want your PPC campaign to run. 

Wash away your competition

Do you ever wonder why you see you competion everywhere you look? They seem to be crushing you online. Give us you’re competitions website and we will reverse engineer their whole digital marketing strategy and give you a detailed explanation on exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it for FREE.


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