Floodgate Digital’s Google Ads strategy will get your business to the first page of results faster and with an instant boost to customers! Attract customers near you with a localised approach designed by our Melbourne market experts. Our strategy will get your business noticed through paid text, display, or video advertising!

Target customers with Google Ads Pay-Per-Click advertising

Google is Australia’s favourite search engine, and it offers businesses a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platform for advertising. Your competitors may be using it already because it is the most-widely used PPC platform in Melbourne. The reason for its popularity isn’t just because of its payment structure but also because businesses can confirm that it really works! PPC is a cost-effective digital marketing strategy that works on the guaranteed basis of a consumer showing actual interest in your website. No money wasted and the web site gains traction! Our team is sales & marketing savvy, but its greatest asset is its focus on your growth goals. Your Google Ads strategy will emphasise targeted keyword techniques and other website optimization. The money you invest in this advertising platform will work enough to find cash for you because our solutions will get you better traffic, in no time!

Ready to see a new wave of business?

Let us help you harness the benefits of a full-proof Google Ads strategy, and you’ll start reeling in more customers in your local market. Floodgate Digital can help you with organic strategies for expanding your company in Melbourne, but you can fast-track your results if you invest in effective advertising. PPC advertising will get you right to the top of first page results and that’s where we want you. Customers lose interest if they have to go any further than that, so we know we have to catch them fast. We’ll get you way ahead of your competition and all while focusing on your personal goals for your business

What do you stand to gain?

You only pay per click and it’s up to you to control how much (and when) you’re willing to spend on the platform
Every click confirms that a potential customer looked at your website or interacted with your ad content
Your budget, with your content your way and the bonus of confirmed consumer interaction. We’ll turn that investment into paying customers

Types of ads


Google Videos

Video ads can do two things towards expanding the awareness of your business in Melbourne. They can direct customers to your web page or portal so that you get additional follow-through clicks or they can function as creative content that showcases your services and skills


Google Mobile Ads

These are ads targeted to smartphone users and can be very lucrative because 80% of all mobile searches use web engines to find services or products near them. It’s offers customers quick info access that is compatible with mobile browsers


Google Display Ads

Google will place your ads on websites, apps, or social media in banners across or along the side of the page. It’s usually a graphic format that’s made of text, images, and flash.


Google Text Ads

Text ads consist of writing (keywords, captions, headings, and links) that attract users to go straight to your website. They are placed and designed to look like organic search results with the exception of having the word “Ad” discreetly placed next to it.


Dynamic Search Ads

These are similar to traditional text ads but do not use keywords and rather stick to using text directly from and linked to your website. It’s considered dynamic because Google matches search requests directly with products or services on your website.

How much will it cost

Wash away your competition

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